Blurry Numbers – 50 Pack (67 Total)


  • 🎉 PARTY WITH A PURPOSE: No more boring nights of drinking alone. It’s time to be the host of a night to remember by adding a few friends and this awesome game to light up the night with challenging and daring action that will have you drinking the night away!
  • 🍻 PREPARE YOUR DRINKS – YOU’RE GONNA NEED IT: Start with plenty of liquor, beer, whatever your drink! Then, grab the deck and start this adult game on game night! You’ll need some liquid courage to complete these intense, epic, and always hysterical challenges!
  • 😂 HILARIOUS ACTION RIGHT AWAY: Blurry Numbers starts with a simple task – if you have a card in your hand that either matches the number of the card in the discard pile or is one off, you toss it down. That’s where the fun begins! BUT, be prepared to follow the hilarious instructions and challenges on the cards, as this can be your stepping stone towards victory!
  • 🏆 QUICK TO LEARN AND VERY COMPETITIVE: The game is simple, but hang tight, because with unique challenges and gutsy competitions that target one or all, you and your opponents are in for a wild ride! Beware, the loser of the game is punished, so every player competes to win by being the first to use all their cards, making this game highly competitive and strategic!
  • 😎 STELLAR GAME THAT’S ALWAYS FUN AND FRESH: This is a game-changer! Unlike other adult drinking games, Blurry Numbers keeps spirits high and drinks flowing! And, unlike those boring, repetitive games, even when a card surfaces again and again, the result is always different, wacky, ludicrous and side-splitting funny! Enjoy!

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